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5K Confinement: HD Environment Surface Surveillance, 2016-2017 - Satoshi FUJIWARA

5K Confinement: HD Environment Surface Surveillance, 2016-2017

This photographic series—realized at Ca’ Corner della Regina, Fondazione Prada’s Venetian venue—is an effort to reach beyond traditional methods of depicting architecture. Departing from Onna no Mitu-Shya-Jyutu, a pocket manual by Japanese photographer Ikko Kagari that outlines how to photograph women in public spaces using infrared photography, the series analyzes in high definition the surveillance protocols embedded in an environment. Architecture created for the inner working and development of an experimental film school becomes a neutral, nondescript background for control protocols. A group of young people is subject to surveillance and the stress and violence produced by concerns about control. Traditionally, closed-circlet television cameras have aside but restricted movement array—PZT(Pan, Tilt, and Zoom)—allowing them to cover and patrol a wide area. Here Satoshi Fujiwara’s photography testes the limits of their movements, at once dismantling industrial and architectural details and using extreme edits in his photographic documentation of authentic anti-selfies. (From the exhibition catalog of "EU: SATOSHI FUJIWARA" at Fondazione Prada Milano Osservatorio, 2017)